Fair, Inclusive and Lasting Solutions

 "In every conflict I see possibilities for new understanding, growth and peace of mind." 

"In every conflict I see possibilities for new understanding, growth and peace of mind." 

Darla Tenold focuses her work exclusively on helping people collaborate to find solutions that work for everyone involved, while preserving and improving existing relationships.  She brings more than a dozen years of legal knowledge and experience, coupled with a deep understanding of how to facilitate the kind of mutual understanding that is necessary before problem-solving can be most creative and effective.  She is passionate about using mediation, restorative practises and communication training to help her clients navigate the most difficult conversations and emerge with peace of mind.

Thank-you for helping [us] through the mediation process. It was an experience that has enabled us to feel more comfortable and we have developed a new understanding of each other. ... I believe this has given both of us a new way to hold discussions with each other and we will continue with this.
— CG, mediation client


Sometimes we get stuck and need help to have an effective and resourceful conversation. You can have support that will help you get to the bottom of what matters most to you, better understand where the other person is coming from, and find empowering solutions.      

Contact Darla for mediation or facilitated conversations.

Improving Relationships

Many times in our most important relationships we can find ourselves having the same disagreement over and over.  Resentment starts to build.  Sometimes we even give up talking about it.  It can seem like we'll never be able to find a way to heal the rift.

By learning Compassionate Communication,*  you can have the kinds of conversations that heal rifts, build mutual understanding and strengthen relationships.  It is possible to start turning differences and disagreements into opportunities for deeper relationships. 

Contact Darla to find out about communication training, coaching or one-on-one facilitated conversations based on Compassionate Communication.


Thank-you very much for the one hour confidential coaching session you did with us last week. You are one of the best reflective listeners I have ever met! The session was so helpful for us to get clarity on our needs, to be on the same page, and to express our feelings and needs.
— LH, coaching client

*Compassionate Communication is also known as Nonviolent Communication, and was developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD.  You can find out more about Compassionate Communication here.