The Connection Catalyst is for you if:

You have a good relationship with your partner but you sense you’re growing apart, or you have grown apart, and you want to reconnect or see if it's possible to reconnect.

You’re in a new relationship, there are some bumps. You want to set a solid foundation that bumps cannot crack.

You’re in a second or third relationship and old habits and patterns are showing up again. You want to overcome these so your new relationship will be the one you’ve always wanted.

The relationship you’ve always wanted, or want back:

A safe place for you to fully be yourself, where you never have to stuff your feelings or compromise what matters most to you.

Your spouse gets you. They know who you are deep down and see you no matter how imperfect you might be in some moments.

Your spouse has your back all the time. You know you can rely on them for unconditional acceptance and support even when times are tough.

You can talk to your spouse about anything, feel safe and trust you’ll be heard and understood, even if the conversation is heated.

Let me be your guide. Together we’ll create a judgment-free safety zone where connection and compassion can grow. What I’ll bring:

•    Combination of teaching and facilitating to help you integrate new skills, based on Compassionate Communication and customized to your unique relationship.

•    Gentle challenges and homework suggestions to help you focus on your goals.

•    Empathy and patience.

•    Humour.

What you’ll bring:

•    Commitment and openness to learning and being guided.

•    Commitment to six one-hour one-on-one sessions with me, one session every other week for three months.

•    Investment of $600.

Note: This is not therapy. I do not have a psychology or social work background. I have a background in law and conflict resolution. This is an intensive communication workshop and facilitation.